Saturday, July 18, 2009

3 Steps to Laminated Keycaps

Before I got my FrogPad, or made my FauxPad, I prototyped it by retrofitting my old PS/2 Keyboard. I couldn't square off the key grid, but did everything else to it. The actual white lettered keys are below the stickers, in the Lefty Format

Here is a BETA print of the keycaps, on my old MS Ergo Test Model:

Left Side, Lefty Layout:

Right Side, Righty Layout:

FrogPad ACTUAL (Laminated):

FrogPad Keycap Diglyphs!

Original Key Map:

First Step:

Many Versions Later, My Final Design

Lefty FrogPad Layout:

Righty FrogPad Layout:

Since I'm a hunt and pecker at heart, although I have it memorized, creating this keymap has improved my speed on this thing!

Here's the result, fro ma previous printing of the keycaps:

VERY Happy with the results! WIN!