Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MIDI Grid Keyboards

Cherry POS 123 Layers: MALTRON/FrogPad, MIDI KeyPad

Product Photo

with Black Vinyl Stickers as MALTRON keycaps and laminated Inket Frogpad labels

Yellow-bordered Keys/Notes remap to the bottom MIDI KeyPad octave

Genovation CP48x2 Layers: MALTRON, MIDI KeyPad, FrogPad with Media Keys and F13-F24

Product Photos (I got two units)

with Black Vinyl Stickers on MALTRON keycaps

So here's the Keymap to VMPK- Yellow frame highlights MaltronK89 Layout Differences due to esc down a row and the F-Key Row shifted left one column. Key Configs allow a subset of characters and thankfully up to F24

AutoHotKey used for bridge maps to allowable chars Alphanumeric but not L/R Modifier keys or most specials. No manual but I found enough notes to flex.

and VMPK the app plays all the notes

Disclaimer: There is absolutely no Velocity Sensitivity. That costs more. These are still great split keypads, however.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

Current Keymaps

USB Devices

1. Access-IS POS Maltron/Frogpad Keyboard

2. Dual Genovation CP48s Maltron/Frogpad Keyboard

3. Maltron Dual-Handed 3D Maltron Keyboard

3b. Maltron Dual-Handed 3D Maltron Keyboard with Frogpad on bridge

4. Kinesis Advantage Maltron/Frogpad Keyboard

5. Truly Ergonomic Deck 209 Maltron/Frogpad Keyboard

6. Cherry POS Maltron Keyboard

6b. Cherry POS Maltron/Frogpad Keyboard

7. Cherry POS MIDI (used with Virtual MIDI Piano keyboard)

8. Vortex Pok3r Maltron Keyboard (Portable Rig)

9. Triple Layer JD40 Keyboard (proposal)

10. PLUM Keyboard (newest acquisition)

Photo Montage of My Setup