Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MIDI Grid Keyboards

Cherry POS 123 Layers: MALTRON/FrogPad, MIDI KeyPad

Product Photo

with Black Vinyl Stickers as MALTRON keycaps and laminated Inket Frogpad labels

Yellow-bordered Keys/Notes remap to the bottom MIDI KeyPad octave

Genovation CP48x2 Layers: MALTRON, MIDI KeyPad, FrogPad with Media Keys and F13-F24

Product Photos (I got two units)

with Black Vinyl Stickers on MALTRON keycaps

So here's the Keymap to VMPK- Yellow frame highlights MaltronK89 Layout Differences due to esc down a row and the F-Key Row shifted left one column. Key Configs allow a subset of characters and thankfully up to F24

AutoHotKey used for bridge maps to allowable chars Alphanumeric but not L/R Modifier keys or most specials. No manual but I found enough notes to flex.

and VMPK the app plays all the notes

Disclaimer: There is absolutely no Velocity Sensitivity. That costs more. These are still great split keypads, however.


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