Friday, February 14, 2014

FrogPad2 Keymap

The grid grows, Cyan takes over for symbols' Purple for 2nd Functions
The accent key is pretty retarded
switching USB Bluetooth Pairing seems to have cluttered things
Media Keys are here but somewhat unwelcome 

Dedicated F and Media Keys may not be programmable
Backspace & Delete got divergent duplicates not separated
The Shift and Space are no longer hooked under
The simple 20 Key design Philosophy has been thrown out the window
for all manner of proprietary corner-cutting

I want to remap the big modifers, the big keys like a big boy & it looks like that is not supported Also if the concept art looks nothing like the actual prototype, I have to ask why and assume corner cutting or changing on a whim

Where did all these extra keys come from? compromises were not made = groupthink

Frog design did a better job last time. If I can order black keycaps that illuminate the frog letters it would be more like the good old days of a primarily dark frog. As apple goes silver I suppose the market follows. ugh.

A PDF of Documentation & an updated reprogramming app really need to be ready before I'd buy one
Frogpad2 Design feels very-un-frog-like

Genovation 682 is a 35 Keypad with Cherry Blacks & it's bulky. Not quite Portable. The keys are more scalloped that the flat laptop style Logitech favors.

Does the whole keycap backlight? They seem to imply that it does

I wish that a backlit letter on a keycap was white on black Also, Kwanzaa key says : |