Sunday, February 2, 2014

Maltron TE-Deck Layout

Keys As Labeled (running a second layer remap)

The greyed out keys are toggled by the top right key, forming a second layer which provides compatibility for my wireless keypad remapping solution for wireless & easy MPC input

F13-F24 also contain the 12 tones of the musical scale as a system beep on key up- this allows notation entering with these legacy Terminal keys

Here is the Maltron Keyboard Layout, an optimized frequency-of use Key Layout that takes DVORAKone step further with spread vowels and 70% less finger key travel.

This layout optimization is also achievable on Kinesis Advantage™ reprogrammable keyboards, if one can live with staggered keys, on any Keytronic aka Gateway 2000 AnyKey™ keyboards. This implementation is for the Truly Erogonomic keyboard, Brown Cherry MX keyswitches or Blue for clicky feedback

Notice 5( 6) &7 @8 which is default on ACTUAL Maltron K88 Keyboards (later models went back to standard Qwerty Locations for symbols as well as reinstating the US =+ and -_ keys that are put as shifts of : and ; in the UK)  F13 F14 F15 F16 are used on the TrulyErgonomic because the flashable HW doesn't implement its own shift states, and to force a remap would preclude using my actual maltron keyboard which does the translations in firmware to for example make keys such as ?: \| <{ [[ !*[ !] >} /~ which combine two keys in the ISO ANSI JIS standards

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