Saturday, August 29, 2009

FrogPad on my KeyPad!

So, I own a Lefty FrogPad, but the Right Handed USB model is OUT OF STOCK indefinately, so...

Thanks to the extra keys on newer keypads, I was able to provide the Full Functions of a FrogPad: The only exception is Ctrl-Alt-Del, which is not allowed in AHK to avoid maliciousness. Not a deal-breaker, by far:

I used an AHK Script to handle the key/modifier presses and modes, adding a few beeps to the toggles: short high beep (single character shift), longer high beep (lock down) and low beep (release lock)

Besides the symbol key being off-center, and Shift moved to the side, it's a full clone! The extra left button is a "Clear" Key, to release any held-down modifiers

This layout is Right Handed, taking advantage of NumPadEnter's double width key for Space, The most-hit key on the pad.

If anyone is interested, send me your email and I can provide the Keycaps (to be printed on Avery sticker Paper, cut and attached) and the AHK Script that makes the magic happen.


  1. That's definitely pretty cool stuff.
    And exactly the thing I was looking for. Had made already some small steps in remapping a Key Pad this morning but not the time to get further in the next weeks.

    Would be awesome if you could publish your script somewhere. I think many people would be glad to find it and test it.

  2. Hi

    can you send me your AHK script an the Keycaps. Would be very nice and I'm looking forward to test this a little bit with a separate Keypad connected to my tablet-laptop. should be a nice way to use the pen with the one hand and having the possibility to use a keyboard with the other.

    here my mail:
    greetings and best regards, Sebastian