Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Frog with GuyLiner

To complete a reasonable facsimilie of the FrogPad, I Analyzed some photos and layouts, juggling keys to match the pad's promary and secondary (space-shiftwd) memory banks

Also found DataHand, Happy Hacking, Logitech Wave, several XP only USB Roll-Up Keyboards, The Maltron, The Ergo 8000, The Type Matrix (overlaps keypad and features straight key colums...

According to FrogPad, The Most Frequent keys are:

and the Secondary, Lesser used in English keys:

right hand side , to be used left handed.
The left side is a reference for the ALT LAYOUT.

SPACE / ALT / RCLICK / CTRL /SHIFT are going to be set up to emulate the FrogPad's 5 modifier keys
with AUTOHOTKEY (Amazing Keyboard Macro, GUI App Scripting Language)

More later...

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