Tuesday, June 16, 2009

QWERTY, Prepare to Die!

The keyboard's over 12 years old and well worn, Still pretty durable. Took several college beer soakings and a ton-o-grime. Flaky FRIK keys. Got a New MS Ergo 4000 USB, and I used both simultaneously for a few days.

I got my trusty small tech screwdriver, needle nose pliers, & cloth and gently pried all the keys out. I set them up in rows like catering, and leftover letters mingled.

Several KEYS have unique shapes (see the 7 for instance and some SPANmultiple keyboard keyhole columns. The MMS Natural spacebar even has a metal wire to steady it.

Some Key caps have seperated from the plastic columns they rest in, by 2 prongs that fit into a 180 split column.
A small needle nose pliers rescues the keyshafts, which then happily snap to the keys.

It's all in the wrist. At this point you can sort and wash the Keys.

Psyched to finally be More In Control, I grouped together PERL, LOST, WFTB, DC, XYZ and displacedF-keys.

T G 7 : odd shaped; not going anywhere
4 2 3 8 1 5 6 : (LOST #s)

( ) : Parentheses on top row
J C Q U G : Together
(Rounded shape letters)

The Right hand side starts with:
PERL, F8, F1 & F5 (LOST Ref)
Totally the reason I wanted to do this.

ADVK : for DVORAK, of course!
+= -_ BkSpc : Pros/Con/TimeTravel
7, H, N : fixed, due to unique shapes
H XYZ <> : Axial Navigation, Hold
< >{ }[ ] : Punct. & HTML/CSS ;':"
I O : Indeed; S : Plural near ENTER
BIOS : Nice Tech Ref

Modifier Keys were/are not interchangable. But almost all the alphanumeric keys moved. The F,R,I &K got flaky on this keyboard.

I hunt and peck with both hands without thinking, and I sure got a Brain-Age-type benefit from "changing my mental map" The keyboard doesn't own me (It's over 12 years old and well worn)

Check out the Numbers model of the "Numeric Keypad,"
NOT FOR USE WITH Hurley's new OSX/XP PC when he returns home. PS/2 Only! Sorry USB Peeps. (Wasn't that an IBM trade mark?)

A 5x3 Matrix +5,
Webbed Feet
A Sharpie,
Computer Case
Screwdriver Set

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