Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apple ][c User

My first Apple was the sleek Apple ][c which resided under my bunk bed at home. Using basic graphics modes with BASIC filled my time. I made a bitmap editing program for my own use, as well a s primitive games.

The keyfeel and integrated floppy were amazing for the time. I was on the fence and almost got an Apple ][e, but I used those at school in a lab, and wanted something different. I actually carried a monitor and power supply in a backpack a couple of times.

(Later I borrowed others' monitors, eventually I kept it at home - It was not really a laptop, although there was eventually a monochrome flat screen that could mount to the main unit)

Bank Street Writer was THE word processing software of the day, but WORDSTAR on the commodore PET was the feature-packed command line editing tool of the day (my first taste of UNIX). The Print Shop from Brodurbund was my first baby step intop DTP.

Lode Runner, Apple Panic and Marble Madness were my first favorite games after Little Brick Out, which was the first game I saw running on an Apple ][e.

On the Apple ][e I Programmed Tetris, and other similar games, from scratch. It blows my mind how many goto's and line numbers I used back then. Tetris topped out at 1000 lines of code. I had previously filled a floppy with advanced LOGO programs, one of which drew sheet music with command line entries.

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