Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts On The Amiga

I always envied Amiga owners...
for their Sound and Graphics, their huge Library of Games, and
and their awesome Demo Scene [programmer/artist multimedia]

The company with the best graphic designers back then was:

Apple ][gs and Amiga were truly baby steps in computing, due to their overall poor system software, and lack of hard drives, but the Media Tech that they started has grown into the truly amazing MPCs we see today.

The closest I got to a Hard drive back then was a large RAM disk, which was screaming fast compared to a floppy. Back when RAM was respected and Virtual Memory(ugh) was non existent.

As a tribute to my Amiga HAM Mode 4096 color envy I purchased an Atari LYNX, which was fun and had integrated special chips for graphics and sound. It blew Gameboy out of the water (technically)

WinUAE Amiga Emulator
HANDY Lynx Emulator

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