Thursday, March 19, 2009

Game System Icon Roundup

The Foundation of Personal Computing, represented here. MESS is like MAME except for old system architectures. (someone's out ROM hunting) The Apple ][c is my favorite, Apple ][ logo is so classic

Windows just gets the ONE Icon because little has changed since Win98 except massive software bloat. (WinSXS, ProgramData and Users folders should not be mullti-gig as on Vista) I have used all the Other Platforms except for the iPhone. Still have a Treo 700p (not w) I should make a G5 Ipod Classic Icon to round out the set.

Game Systems my brother and me owned over the years. Old is good because the roms are super small but all the Gameplay is intact.

Didn't own any of these systems, I was a PC Gamer by then. The ROMS start to get really Big from here on out. I am a firm believer that a game doesn't need to fill a CD/DVD to be good. Cutscenes end up sucking anyway.

Trailing _s, by the way, are emulators I have not found and configured, Preferring PC games and any IndieGames that use physics like 2d Boy's World of Goo (under 80MB for the entire game!)

That's all for now

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