Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meta Keywords Revisited

I figured some subdivision of the Keywords in post #1 is in order.
I attempted to sort most recent topics to the top, followed by their precursors.


Web Technologist
Perl/PHP Programmer - Database Admin - Interface Designer
Computer Graphic Artist - Photoshop Bible - Power User Mac/PC
Marketing Agency Campaigns - Ad Sales Representative
Production Artist - Desktop Publisher - Architectual Drafting
Library Automation - Set Builder - Lighting Designer - Special Effects
Data Entry - Research Assistant - Secretary - Parallegal


Avid Collector - Library Of Music TV/Film classics
(Rock-Funk-Electronica-Coens-Greenaway-Epic TV)
LOST Fan - gspn PLUS Member - DPP Superfan
NPR Addict - Slashdot Reader - UI Tweaker
Win95/2000 Power User - Command-Line Jockey
Keyboard Shortcut Advocate - Apache Linux Nerd


Promoter & Programmer for NYC Comedy Clubs
(NY Pro, EM Ventures and Nu-Genesis)

PC Gamer - MAME Gamer - iD software - Electronic Arts
( TI994a - Atari - Colecovision - Intellivision - Apple ][c -Apple ][gs - Genesis - LYNX)

Designer at Qru Studios Incorporated
(HTML - Javascript - CSS - Perl - PHP - LAMP)

Computer Graphics at Pratt Institute
(Lab Monitor - Drawing - Painting - Sculpture)

Architecture at The HS of Art & Design
(TechTips Editor - Yearbook Editor)

Former Child Opera Singer/Actor
(Childrens Chorus - Computer Consulting)

Splitting off the Business Skills will help outline my resume. My personal timeline keywords are intended to sync up with a Life Timeline, currently outlined on my TREO smartphone.

Now to flesh them out, one by one...

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