Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mac User from Day One

The Macintosh line, with the MacII and IIcx, quickly buried any further Apple ][gs development, and when starting high school I became King of the Mac lab. I soaked up any new software like Quark XPress and ended up DTP'ing my yearbook at HS of A&D.

OS 8-9 were the only game around when I used Macs at work. I remember being an avid colelctor of extensions. The Whole PowerPC RISC was a great idea that then was abandoned by Apple. I remember when Apple's whole gameplan was compatibility

After OS X, I started to respect the platform for making a clean break with legacy apps. and then they went Intel again. right move but felt wrong, Windows then decided to make Vista a clean break with the past of the PC, the dirtiest clean break ever. Vista is just NT v6, gone DRM crazy. (see my PC post)

Ever since I saw and played with MacPaint for 45 minutes in a long-defunct COMPUTERWORLD, I got the fever for a GUI os!

I'd like to offer condolences to Jef Raskin's family.
Jef was integral to the classic Mac interface design, and his contributions have remained to this day.

Also thanks to Steven Levy, who wrote a great book about the origins and cult of mac.
And XEROX Parc, who got owned.

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