Sunday, March 8, 2009

Orientation Post

First BLOG post. I spent the majority of my life collecting clips and articles to collage. I hope to open them up to everyone throught this blog.

I would like to thank Brian's LOST AND GONE FOREVER, The Transmission, and the Delta Park Project

To be fully META, here are some keywords that I will compose posts about.

Apple ][GS Owner
Architectual Drafting
Software Usability Tester
Command-Line Jockey
Database Administrator
Director of Special Effects
Desktop Publisher
Computer Graphic Artist
Keyboard Shortcut Advocate
Library Research Assistant
Lighting Designer
Mac Power User
Music Enthusiast
Opera Childrens Chorus Singer/Actor
PLUS Member
Pop Culture Fan
Perl/PHP Programmer
Production Artist
Marketing Rep
Registry Editor
Set Builder
Web Technologist

I attended Pratt for Drawing,Painting, Collage, but mostly Computer Graphics (which morphed into Web Developer and Programmer through independant study) and I studied Architecture in High School (which morphed into Multimedia Design and 3d Modeling)

Later on there were Stints in Acting, Office Work, Advertising, Web Design and Certain (now defunct) Marketing Firms. Stay tuned.

Then I suppose I will add a Section for TV/Film/Radio Greatest Hits.

I should also mention my huge library of music, and how it is maintained and sorted. I definitely am an "album rock" collector.

'Til later-
Mahalo and Namaste!

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